LOOSE Clothing is the embodiment and expression of a hip-hop sub-culture infused with a fresh take on enduring popular culture. Like all good things, we have evolved and grown over time and embraced new cultures and ideas, and so the Mountain collection was born. We seek to set a standard with lines of clothing that are timeless in terms of both design and quality.


The Mountain Collection is a collection of 7 garments, designed for men and women, for life in the mountains. We are excited to bring these goods to the people that live that life everyday, and the people that don’t, in the hopes of drawing them to it. Mountains express power, yet peace. Mountains evoke calm, yet energy. Mountains are unequivocally remarkable and offer unmatched freedom to achieve the extraordinary. 


This is the first part of a wider collection of goods that we will be sharing over the summer, inspired, developed and born in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy part one.




Our thanks to Caitlin Guise for her work on the 'second phase' of our Mountain lookbook.

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