The rhinoceros is a creature of substance, stamina, solidity and explosive power. The same adjectives can be used to epitomize O’shea “Ice Cube” Jackson. Born and raised in South Central LA, Cube, as a part of N.W.A, brought gangsta rap into the mainstream. Both are known to display aggressive behavior, but for the most part are passive creatures. The rhino prefers to roam in contemplative solitude. This is likened to Ice Cube embarking on a hugely successful and iconic solo career. Cube exudes confidence and is sure-footed about what he believes in. He is a symbol of power but also of integrity. With his dominant, rhythmic baritone delivery, Ice Cube has maintained iconic and consistently high standing in hip hop culture. A mighty presence within the hip hop world and the animal kingdom.



Available on A3 - A0
Printed 4 process color - 1 side on 180gsm Sihl Marinello
Matte Laminated
Frame not included

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